Art – Drought, Frustrations, and Admiration

I attended a Salvador Dali art show the other day.  I had a lot of thoughts about it.

The art itself was wonderful, if someone sparse.  Admittedly, the exhibit was curated carefully (and the pieces on display were reproductions), but you could see Dali’s skill and frenetic energy in every piece.  Controlled chaos ruled each canvas, with solid colors intermingling with fantastic creatures and alien landscapes on every page.

Yet my biggest issue was a simple one: no one seemed to care about it.

It made me wonder about the future of our society, driven as we are around mass-produced content that’s bombarded to us 24/7.  Are we capable of creating whimsical, magical things?  Or are we condemned to watch the elites snap up yesteryears phantasmagoria while we pretend that everything’s okay?

What is the art of our day and age?

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