Pinoy Prepper Bazaar 2018 – Back with Adventure!

Pinoy Prepper Bazaar is back this 2018 – bigger and more exciting than ever! With big names and exciting talks, prepping and surviving in today’s tension-filled day and age has just become that more accessible and beginner-friendly! So jump on in and see what awaits you!

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See You At Kontrabida Ball 2017!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you:

1) put together some of the hottest names in the local cosplay scene;

2) told them to get their inner villain on, and

3) added free-flowing food and drink into the mix?!

Well, wonder no more – Kontrabida Ball is finally here! And boy, is it shaping up to be loads of fun!

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Comic Con Asia 2018 – A First Look

It’s new! It’s controversial! If you’re reading this, then you already know (or at least have heard about) the news surrounding Comic Con Asia this 2018. Touted as the freshest pop-culture convention that will hit Manila on March 24 – 25, Comic Con Asia certainly has some big boots to fill.

Should you be hyped for it? Read on!

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Midnight North – Chapter 0


Let me tell you about Midnight North.

It was a utopia. Bounded by massive walls along the mountains of its southern border, the city’s black walls sucked every ounce of light that it could greedily grab. A massive road called the Superconduit connected it to the outside world by maglev train, hovertruck and other means of transportation. A silver spire in the center of the city stood, defiant and unmarked by the elements. Within its walls, no one hungered or got sick. No one was unhappy or unsatisfied. Every need was met, and every life was given purpose by the mysterious overseer who ruled the city with an iron fist.

It was a utopia, indeed. But it was not a place for mortal man.

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Food Parks & Food Places: Where To?

Food parks! The convenient solution to that craving for a quick bite when you’re tired of the regular fare! The place to see new dishes you haven’t heard of without breaking the bank! And the spot to hang out with friends after a long day at work!

But where are these places anyway? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Check out my list of food parks around Metro Manila! And if you have a favorite (or want to tell me about one you discovered), drop me a line!

Stardanser – Introductions


He looked up from his work. “Hey.”

She sat next to him, the wooden bench warm in the summer afternoon. “Paper cranes, huh?”

“Yeah, well.” He smiled, more to himself than anything else. “You know the story of how the Japanese would make a thousand of these…”

“To make a wish come true, yeah.” She smiled at him. “That’s pretty cool. Anyone in particular?”

He stayed quiet after that.

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Art – Drought, Frustrations, and Admiration

I attended a Salvador Dali art show the other day.  I had a lot of thoughts about it.

The art itself was wonderful, if someone sparse.  Admittedly, the exhibit was curated carefully (and the pieces on display were reproductions), but you could see Dali’s skill and frenetic energy in every piece.  Controlled chaos ruled each canvas, with solid colors intermingling with fantastic creatures and alien landscapes on every page.

Yet my biggest issue was a simple one: no one seemed to care about it.

It made me wonder about the future of our society, driven as we are around mass-produced content that’s bombarded to us 24/7.  Are we capable of creating whimsical, magical things?  Or are we condemned to watch the elites snap up yesteryears phantasmagoria while we pretend that everything’s okay?

What is the art of our day and age?

Saving Sally: A Walk Down Memory’s Aisles

This isn’t a review of the movie “Saving Sally” in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Fest. There are a lot of those already online, most of them praising the movie’s cheeriness and animation. And to be honest, it is a movie worth watching.

But it’s also a movie that reminds us that it’s the little lies we tell ourselves that end up burying us, even if we use them to make our world a saner place.  Spoilers ahead.

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