John Eats @ Gyro V Megamall

Gyro V is a Greek-inspired food stall located at the ground floor of SM Megamall’s Building A. Serving beef and chicken gyros on either bread or rice, the place is an interesting (and somewhat authentic) pick for your meals.

I ordered the Gyro Chicken Rice (the iced tea, unfortunately, was from Project Pie, as I felt the drink add-on was too expensive for my taste). The meal cost Php 130, and extra cheese comes at Php 10 while an iced tea addon requires an additional Php 55.

So, how was it?

Behold, dinner.

Portion-wise, there was a good balance between rice, meat, and vegetables. While the portions could be larger (a point that many peso-pinching foodies will nitpick), they’re definitely acceptable at the price point. That said, some people may have issues with how much meat and/or rice is there. People with large appetites may feel disappointed at what they’re getting.

As for taste, it’s closer to an authentic greek gyro, although the flavors could use some tweaking to shine through. The garlic sauce in particular, while providing a great contrast to the spiced meat, could be much, much more intense in flavor – it had a certain wateryness at some points that can be attributed to dilution of the ingredients, perhaps to stretch it out as yogurt is not a cheap item in Manila.

Service was acceptable, neither bad nor good. The personnel, while well-meaning, were just there to fulfill the basic functions. If you like eating at a place because of its personality and vigor, this isn’t a place for you.

Lastly, it’s location is quite convenient for people in the mall. As I mentioned, its located at Building A, across Project Pie and Komoro Soba. If you’re waiting for someone to finish shopping at the grocery, it’s a decent pick – as long as its not a busy time, as it only has enough space for ten or so people.

Overall, I’d rate it 3.0 out of 5.0 stars.


Good: Authentic flavor, decent prices vs portions.

Bad: Small space, somewhat watery sauce.

Fugly: Very tight when it’s busy, not for people who eat for a village

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