John Eats @ Starbucks Irish Cream Coffee Frappucino

It’s finally here! After being introduced in Singapore last month (at least according to my colleague), Starbuck’s Irish Cream Coffee Frappucino has hit Manila’s shores! But does it hold up to it’s name, or will it be condemned to be one of those once-only drinks?

Let’s find out.

Yes, it's the Irish Cream.
Why hello there.

Bad news first: unfortunately, no booze. Unlike its namesake, nary a drop of liquor can be found in this drink. Which is good, because otherwise alcohol permits are expensive. That said, nothing will stop you from adding a little Kahlua to your frappe post-order (or something stronger, as the case may be).

Now the good news: it’s not the sugary nightmare that some people might think. While it does have a sweet touch, the taste is tempered both by the drink’s creaminess and the mildly bitter coffee jelly at the bottom to provide a satisfying experience. A little syrupy caramel finish completes the drink, making it perfect for a warm afternoon by yourself or a balmy evening drinks with friends.

It’s definitely best paired with Starbuck’s classic chocolate cake or their banoffee pie. While both are sweet, they offer a delicious contrast between the chocolates or the bananas, making it a snack worth the calories. Avoid having it with their doughnuts or their ube cake. Please. The Irish Cream’s flavors will wipe out the nuances of flavors from your tongue, making you wonder why you spent so much money on something you couldn’t bring yourself to finish.

But what if you want to mix it up a little? Then you can live dangerously and order a short, unsweetened cup of black coffee to sip every now and then with your Irish Cream. I recommend either the Vinta or Colombian beans to refresh the tongue. Of course, you can also try the Reserve varieties if that’s your thing as well.

Overall, it’s a 3.5 out of 5 stars for me. It’s nice, and I might try it again sometime soon. Might.


Good: Not too sweet nor too bitter for people’s tastes.

Bad: May prove too heavy or creamy for some people.

Fugly: No alcohol, so it should be an Irish Cream-inspired drink. Add your own.

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