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Lovecraftian horror meets strategic deckbuilding in this easy-to-learn mobile game from the young men and women at the Cornell University Game Design Initiative! Will you be succeed in your efforts to raise a dead god (and hopefully survive the process)? Or will you – gasp – fail?

In Underhand, you play the part of a cult leader who is attempting to curry the favor of the hungry gods by fulfilling their strange wishes. Meanwhile, staving off law enforcers, hunger, and even rival cult members becomes your full-time job in itself! Talk about challenging!

You are provided with a variety of resources (Food, Prisoners, Cultists, Money) to build up your position, but beware! Random events will hamper your hard work – and sometimes, even the gods will “favor” you with their displeasure. Win their patronage to complete the game and access their awesome powers – for a price.

Underhand is a solid deck-building game that has great mechanics and equally great art. You can reasonably expect several hours of fun gameplay, and while some items (such as the boss quest triggers) still need some polishing, there is definitely a diamond in the rough. Should the team behind this game consider adding more content, it might just be the sleeper hit of the year. You can download it for your mobile device on the Google Play Store or on iTunes.

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