John Recounts: Kontrabida Ball 2017

Something wicked this way came, saw, and partied till midnight – Kontrabida Ball! Held at One Cafe & Events Place in Ortigas (on a Friday the 13th no less), this villain-themed Halloween celebration had baddies from fandoms both old and new unwind despite intense traffic and heavy rains. So what did you miss?

As Box Five Production’s Trisha Descallar laughingly recounted, Kontrabida Ball originally started as a Halloween party idea between her and host Liui Aquino. But she felt that the usual tropes were already done to death. Why not, she suggested, have something completely different yet familiar for the (admittedly) drama-laden cosplay community, like embracing their inner villain?

The rest, as they say, is history.

With endless food, six kinds of unlimited shots, great goodies for early arrivals (thanks to Authority Hoodie and Hodge Podge) and a whole host of evil-doers, the party was quite well-entertained. Hosts Liui and Trisha helped liven up the crowd with their entertainment numbers, including a round of good-natured Pinoy Henyo-style Evil Genius guessing games with some of the ball’s guests! Not everything was dark and edgy, though: Authority Hoodie also auctioned off several hoodies for charity, ranging from Pokemon to Game of Thrones-inspired numbers! Moonstruck Creatives was also on the scene with their photobooth and video team, covering Kontrabida Ball from every angle!

No cosplay party’s complete without people dressed up as their fave characters, and Kontrabida Ball was no exception! Cruella de Ville, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Poison Ivy, and even Hades (whose cosplayer later won the coveted Cosplay Outfit of the night) made their mark on the event. But if you thought you had seen everything, the guests and notable personalities definitely one-upped everyone else! Talk about unfair advantage! The slay list included:

Jin (behindinfinity) and Dinny Grayson as Brick from the RowdyRuff Boys and Shego respectively:

CP Coulter as the stunningly regal Maleficent (complete with crown, natch)

Timzter as Patrick Bateman, with axe and signature raincoat!

Loki Heart as Anabelle

Gelo Grayson as Doug masquerading as Zootopia’s finest (check those drinks, guys!)

and Liui as Victor “Vector” Perkins!

After all was said and done, DJ Migs Santillan dropped hot pop party beats and got everyone dancing on the floor. You couldn’t ask for a better way to close out the night – but don’t just take my word for it! Check out the livestreamed video of the event courtesy of Liui Aquino and see the awesome action for yourself!

So what’s next for Kontrabida Ball? No major plans have been announced yet, although I personally am hoping for a repeat this December! Winter, after all, is finally here – and it’s the perfect time to let the worries of the world go. But we’ll see what mad schemes Box Five x Cos Corp have up their sleeve. Until then: smell you later, alligator!

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