See You At Kontrabida Ball 2017!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you:

1) put together some of the hottest names in the local cosplay scene;

2) told them to get their inner villain on, and

3) added free-flowing food and drink into the mix?!

Well, wonder no more – Kontrabida Ball is finally here! And boy, is it shaping up to be loads of fun!

The brainchild of Box Five Productions and Cos Corp, Kontrabida Ball is described as a hotter-than-hellfire Halloween villain party experience (literally!) for their guests 18 and above! Their references to villains and antiheroes in various fandoms are no coincidence either, but a deliberate callback to our younger years – and an opportunity to cut loose with the oft-repressed side of our subconscious! Why not be a bad guy or gal for a night, dark cackling and gloating optional? I would!

With internationally known cosplayer Liui Aquino as the evening’s host and a veritable army of local cosplayers as guests, you’re sure to have a great time! Who’s in that lineup, you say? I’m glad you asked!

Jin aka behindinfinity
Miguel Mercado
Kristell Lim
Elcid Lao
Dale Villanueva
Patricio Villalobos
Dinny and Gelo Grayson
Kune Delgado
Daryl Reynes
Loki Heart
CP Coulter
Joel Minas

But that’s not all! Kontrabida Ball also boasts of a cocktail buffet and unlimited bar access to six unique drinks specially tailored for the event. Six! If that alone isn’t worth the price of a VIP ticket, what is? (Tell me your answer at the ball – we can talk it out over cocktails.)

Box Five and Cos Corp are definitely aiming to pull out all the stops to make this a night to remember, and why not? They’ve got the expertise to back it up with their experience in holding popular fan gatherings for fandoms such as Yuri On Ice. Plus, as seasoned event organizers and coordinators, they know what they’re up to! You couldn’t ask for better (mad) geniuses to make it happen.

So grab your tickets now (and if you’re debating getting a VIP pass, they have a promo code giveaway going on their page with their guests)! Get your inner evil genius to working up a storm – I’ll see you then!

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