Kontrabida Ball 2018 – Now With More Spooky!

What happens when the night grows darker? Who will you turn to when the witches, ghouls, and nightmares from your darkest fears emerge? And will you survive the night – or are you the night?

Welcome back to Kontrabida Ball, darlings. We missed you.

The biggest, baddest party of the year is back to wreak havoc to a phat bassline once again! Are you ready to get your heart ripped out? You better, because Kontrabida Ball just got more awesome this time around! With a knife-edge twist to the sugary fairy-tale ending, this year’s theme of “Happily Never After” is going to be quite the wild ride.

For 2018, Box Five Productions is making things exponentially better with performers like JOYEN, Antoinette Noir, Foxxxy Gray and the utterly irreverent Fruit Fly Frankie, as well as support from Burlesque Philippines and the Philippine Gothic & Lolita Community. Of course, a bevy of well-known cosplayers and costumers in the local scene are joining in as well – who’s coming, you ask?

Familiar faces include last year’s Best Dressed winners, Kiryuu Aikawa and Monty Mendigoria, as well as CP Coulter, Rai Tomacruz/Zygmond Kent, Chun WX, Gelo Grayson, Dinny Grayson, Zychez, Carian Cruz, Kristell Lim, Loki Heart and more (check out their page for the full roster)! Plus, the event will also be graced by Justine Chantelle, and the internationally-acclaimed cosplay armorer Guy Singzon! Each and every one of them will be dressed to kill – you’ll definitely want to bring your best, lest you be found wanting (or worse).

It’s definitely going to be a night to remember, with a cocktail dinner, open bar, and so much more! So see you this Oct. 13 at 8:00 PM, and remember – party hard when the bell tolls, because it rings for the monster in you.

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