Magic & SEO: The 40 Servants

I’ve mentioned before that Tommie Kelly’s 40 Servants are a viable way of aiding your SEO efforts. Today, I’ll go over three ways of utilizing their services in boosting your website’s position. These are not the only ways you can call on their aid: consider these as seeds for your own ideas. There are, after all, a million ways to make breakfast these days, so why limit yourself?

(Note: I assume that you are conversant with the 40 Servants system and are familiar with their abilities. If not, now is a good time to get started. Also, don’t pirate, folks. It’s not fair to Tommie, yeah?)

Let’s get started.

QUICK AND DIRTY: Generate a sigil or a symbolon for your website. Draw any of the spreads below under your sigil and order the Servants to bring their powers to bear in influencing your affairs, especially your website and reputation. Here are some suggestions:

(3 Servant Spread)

  • Media – Fixer – Levitator
  • Media – Sun – Road Opener/Gate Keeper
  • Media – Idea – Sun

(5 Servant Spread)

  • Media – Sun – Fixer – Levitation – Conductor
  • Media – Idea – Witch – Road Opener/Gatekeeper – Conductor

(9 Servant Layered Spread)

  • Bottom: Media – Idea – Planet 
  • Middle: Road Opener – Gate Keeper – Fixer
  • Top: Sun – Fortunate – Conductor

This last spread needs a special explanation for its layout. Take your sigil and place the bottom three Servants underneath it – this represents the space that the next two layers must influence. The middle set goes above your sigil, to open opportunities for you at every turn no matter what the price (or who the guardian). The top set goes above that, ensuring that your efforts stay aligned with your goals and that all the Servants are working together with their eyes on your prize.

OPERATIONS: Operations refer to specialized work focused on a specific aspect of a project for smaller groups of Servants, typically carried out over the long term. You can use a sigil of your website or of the following statements of intent for your work. Sample Operations are:

  • “Bring impressionable influencers on social media to me. “ – Media, Fixer, Messenger.
  • “Give me more events where I can network and promote myself. “ – Media, Gatekeeper, Road Opener
  • “Ensure that people easily understand my ideas and passions.” Idea/Media, Carnal, Road Opener
  • “Ensure that people are willing to discuss my work, no matter where or when. “ Idea, Thinker, Planet

SINGLE SERVANTS: You’ll notice that the Media features a lot in these spreads, and for good reason. Not only does it cover self-promotion in its portfolio, but it’s association with the Internet in general cannot be denied.

To fully utilize the Media as a singular Servant, you can:

  • Include its sigil on all your promotional material: business cards, website images, home page, and the like.
  • Order it to promote your presence and fame within its sphere
  • Bring it with you from time to time to events where it’s influence can be brought to bear (such as meetings, conventions, and the like)

Note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Savvy practitioners can already see how some unmentioned Servants can be used to augment their work, or enhance the ones listed here. So experiment, and let me know where your adventures lead you! The world awaits!

Talk to you soon.

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