Search Engine Optimization, Magick, & You

Ah, search engine optimization. The holy grail of all things online, a quick search on the subject would yield treasure trove of topics. What domains do you use? Should you get affiliate marketing? What content should you produce? How often should you post? Are you asking too many questions of yourself?

Before we dive into the rabbit hole, let’s review some things.

Search Engine Optimization (hereafter referred to as SEO) is the practice of ensuring that you have high web traffic and visibility for your website by ensuring that search engines consider you a highly ranked authority on the topic. Quite a mouthful, eh?

In actual practice, you need the following:

You’re looking to maximize:

You’re also looking to manage:

See? Much better. Now let’s tackle those one at a time, with my blog as an example:

1) Who are you, and where can I find you online?

You’ll want to target a specific combination of keywords that strongly identifies you as an authority on the subject of your choice. Case in point: a search for “John Yang sorcerer philippines” on Google will bring up my blog as one of the search results on the first page (hopefully, haha!). You can do the same for your page. A quick way to do this is using a combination of your name, subject of interest and country (or city) as your first keyword set.

Note that I haven’t mentioned setting up a website. That’s because you can decide to put up a Twitter feed, an Instagram profile, or even settle on a Amazon webserver instance (if that’s your particular thing). If you want to keep things simple, you can start with a Facebook page – almost everyone has one (or a LinkedIn page, as the case may be).

Once you’ve begun building your website, make sure that items in your keywords pop up on the most commonly recurring pages – ideally, your home page description (or About page) will have all your keywords in it.

2) What are you an authority on?

This part’s simple: just post content on what you know and tell people about it. (You can find my posts on magical topics here.) Ideally, you’ll want to add either a keyword from your original set or a related keyword to maximize your search engine optimization. It can run the gamut – blog posts, Youtube videos, pictures from Instagram. Note that it doesn’t always need to be original content – you can reshare some of the stuff you find online, but make sure that you put your own individual stamp on it. And do it legally, please.

Telling others may take a bit of doing, but it’s entirely doable on a budget. You can:

  • Tell people about your website whenever at meetups or on other social media networks.
  • Ask friends to read your articles and share their feedback.
  • Do radio shows, podcasts, or TV appearances.
  • Even publish a book! Or three!

It’s very easy to get the word out if you’re willing to do the legwork. And the more that people talk positively about you (while linking to your website), the better things will be – search engines will start to consider your website (and you) as an authority in the subject that you picked keywords in.

And that’s all…oh, right. The magic part!

If you’ve been reading closely, you’ll notice by now that there are a few ways of manipulating things in your favor with the aid of magickal means. Here are three ways you can shift the tides:

– Tommie Kelly has a great set of servitors in his 40 Servants series. For the simplest possible setup, sigilize your keywords and use a combination of the Road Opener, the Sun, and the Levitator to kick things off to a roaring start.
– Want to maximize your leverage? Enchant your way to success with Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery and attack the problem from multiple angles with enchantment and spirit work. Jupiter and Mercury are great for getting the word out (and staying on the top) while Venus and the Sun are good for magnetizing your audience and ensuring they stay put.
– Or just brute force the problem with the goetic kings. courtesy of Gordon White! While more of a marraige between a shotgun approach and a rocket fuel frenzy, you’re more likely to get interesting results that way – and who knows where it can take you, eh?

And we haven’t even gotten into the deep stuff! Influencers, posting schedules, website types, focus keywords and more! So let me know your thoughts in the comments and feel free to drop me a line at hi AT

Talk to you soon.

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