Michael – Saint, Archangel, and Fiery Friend

It’s midway through the first month of 2017, and I’d like to introduce you to St. Michael the Archangel.  If you’re starting out as a magician, he’s one of the best possible allies that you can get in aiding your work.  No, really, he is.

So let’s get started on burning things up, shall we?

First, the basics: St. Michael is quite well-known in most Abrahamic religions and is the most visible archangel in human history.  (True fact: the title archangel can be construed as chief messenger, as the term angelos was used to indicate – you guessed it – messenger.)  Considered the closest manifestation of heavenly will next to the big G, his appearances are always full of pomp and glory as he takes to the front of the fight against evil and temptation’s many forms.  He’s always shown with his signature sword, and the devil will always be found trampled underfoot.  It’s a strong indication that no matter where evil hides, he’ll be there to stomp it out.

In occult circles, Michael is associated with the element of fire and the Sun.  He is often called upon by exorcists to aid them in banishing demonic influences, purifying homes, and generally protecting people from all forms of harm and witchcraft.  Sometimes, though, he is also called upon to aid in more magical matters: wealth, obstacle removal, and keeping the Restless Dead in line are roles that he can reasonably fill.  His protection of those who seek justice and protection, of course, is also quite notable: soldiers, police and poets are among those who can count on his assistance should they require it.

Of course, there are drawbacks to having him around in your life.  While he does understand human frailty and weakness, he’s not as tolerant of it as much as the other archangels are.  He can be seen as somewhat pushy at times.  While he’s not as much of a perfectionist as, say, Elubatel, the force of fire that he can bring in your life can be utterly exhausting unless you’re prepared for it.  He is, quite literally, the Lawful Good paladin who will take no excuses from you but is amazing at a lot of things.

There are a variety of ways you can work with him – from his novena with the Catholic Church to prayers in the PGM, you’re bound to find a way of letting him know you’re interested.  Or you can use this prayer (modified for personal tastes):

Saint Michael Archangel,
defend us in our everyday battles,
be our protection against the wicked and the snares of evil, no matter what form it may take,
and free us from all malevolent and harmful daimons.
May God (and/or Goddess) rebuke them, we humbly pray;
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God (and/or Goddess), cast into their rightful place
whether hell or oblivion
my accusers, my adversaries and all the evil spirits
who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of my soul and those that I love and hold dear.

As for what he can do?  The possibilities are endless.  But to give you an idea: he can aid in simple prayers, mantra work, necromancy, exorcism … you get the picture.

Be well.

(Personal footnote: While the name Michael is historically known to be male, it is entirely possible for the archangel of fire to present themself as female, androgynous, or sexless.  Hey, if it worked for Ezekiel, it works for us, right?)

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