Midnight North – Chapter 0


Let me tell you about Midnight North.

It was a utopia. Bounded by massive walls along the mountains of its southern border, the city’s black walls sucked every ounce of light that it could greedily grab. A massive road called the Superconduit connected it to the outside world by maglev train, hovertruck and other means of transportation. A silver spire in the center of the city stood, defiant and unmarked by the elements. Within its walls, no one hungered or got sick. No one was unhappy or unsatisfied. Every need was met, and every life was given purpose by the mysterious overseer who ruled the city with an iron fist.

It was a utopia, indeed. But it was not a place for mortal man.

For Midnight North had a single rule: only robots could enter its walls, and only robots could stay.

But man will always yearn for a better life, and so will seek it no matter what the hazards may stand in their way. And so the hordes of humans came, settling around the city’s invisible fences haphazardly when they could not cross the frozen ground. Some tried to interrupt the trains as they swept by, to no avail. Others tried pleading their case to the walls and held up bribes, or children. Sometimes both. It didn’t work, though. Nothing did.

So they began to plan. Perhaps, they reasoned, if they could not obtain entry with honesty, then lies would suffice. And so they tried to find ways to scale the walls and run across the frozen waters of the North. But each attempt was met with failure.

Then some began to call for violence. None would listen at first, but the desperate grew in number. More and more voices began to call for something, anything, to be done. They deserved it, didn’t they? They needed the life beyond the walls. Why should robots have all the benefits while humans starved and froze to death? Was there no justice in the world?

So they planned. They plotted. They schemed. And one bright morning, they sallied forth in their noble crusade.

The fight lasted twenty-eight seconds. Of a force of several thousand, eleven were deliberately left alive by Midnight North’s defensive forces. Burying the dead properly, on the other hand, took the better part of four hours.

That is the story of Midnight North – at least until today.

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