NaNoWrimo 2017 – Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Combine the following in a stone pestle and mortar during a night with no moon: the target’s blood, juice of pounded flowers of the dama de noche, and a handful of graveyard dirt from the grave of a maiden who died in childbirth, or a young man who died violently. As you do so, whisper these words to the black liquid that results: I command you, as I have pounded these things into submission, so will you be pounded into obedience to my will! You will not resist! You cannot resist! You will obey! REX MUNDI REX TOTALUS REX ETERNAM! OBEY!

Repeat these words as you pound the liquid until it is smooth and the cock cries out in terror. If the sun rises before you hear these things, then you will face difficulty in this task and must set it aside till the next moonless night. Such is the way of things.

Once the liquid is ready, prepare a doll made from a single sheet of black cloth and baptize it as the target. No light must shine upon you or the doll during this operation. Take a metal pin and dip it into the liquid, whispering your command as you do so. It must be short and to the point. Once the pin is ready, slowly press it into the doll’s head as you say once again REX MUNDI, REX TOTALUS, REX ETERNAM! OBEY MY COMMAND!

Remember that the deeper the pin goes, the more painful it is for the victim to resist your command. It is best if it is shallow, especially if the person is especially strong-willed. As long as no light nor blood falls upon the doll, it shall be effective.

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