NaNoWriMo 2017 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Take your copper bowl and wash it thrice with rainwater gathered from a storm. The stronger the storm it was taken from, the better. Once it is done, fill the bowl halfway with rainwater and gaze into its depths. As you do so, speak as thus:

I desire a storm, a whirling mass of ice and thunder!
I desire a storm, a howling whirlwind that shall tear my enemies asunder!
I desire a storm, a sword of screams that shall drive my enemies insane!
I desire a storm, a clenched fist that shall make armies kneel in pain!
I desire this! Show this storm to me! REX INVOCA, REX INVICTUS, REX TYRANNIS! Obey!

Gaze intently into the water. If a storm does not show itself in your minds eye, then there are none available to command. If a storm does present itself, then take your wand and draw a circle clockwise around the bowl with its tip, pulling its energy towards you. Repeat this as you invoke the key with each circuit until the sound of thunder is heard. Once this is so, take the bowl and pour the water into a clean jar. Add five iron nails and the ashes of a consecrated storm talisman. Stir the water with your wand as you recite Psalm 109 with vigor. Cover it and let it sit for no less than eight days.

If the nails rust, pour the water out and thank the gods. It is not meant to be.

To use this water, open the jar and sprinkle it in the direction of the crowd that you wish to drive away. The contents of the jar must be used completely. Once you have done so, wait for the wind to pick up and the sound of thunder to be heard. You cannot look away until this happens. Once it does, point at the crowd and say:

These are the ones I wish you to be torn asunder, to be driven insane, to kneel in pain! REX INVOCA, REX INVICTUS, REX TYRANNIS! Obey!

Then turn your back and walk away. Do not look back.

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