NaNoWriMo 2017 – Chapter 3

Chapter 3


The two-world wand is a tool of indispensable might, used to ensure the success of many of the operations in this grimoire. Care must be made in crafting it lest its creation go awry. Without it, failure will be an expected outcome of your work.

Take a healthy black or dark-colored stallion and blindfold it before leading it to an open pasture under a full moon. It is best if there are no clouds nor birds. Pay twice the price that the merchant tells you, or half its weight in gold and jewels if it is given freely. Be calm and confident as you lead the horse in a circle, murmuring the words of power AMANOTH EKKETO RIMBUEN over and over until you complete three circuits, horse in tow.

Once you close the third circuit, stop and hold the horse’s head in your hands. In one motion, take your ceremonial dagger and stab the horse in its neck, holding it down and preventing it from rearing until you can force it down onto the ground. Once you have done so, you must carefully push the dagger along its body till you reach its groin, where you must massage its penis till it is stiff. Then, you must cut off its penis without pulling the blade away from the body while it is in its death throes. If it dies before it is separated, the ritual has failed.

Once you have obtained the wand, mummify it in milk and honey for three days. Burn the corpse of the horse. On the third day, as the moon rises, take the wand and pat it dry, then point it moonward and cry out AMANOTH EKKETO ZAZUEL RIMBUEN with all your heart and soul. Repeat this till the wand shivers of its own accord, then wrap it in perfumed cloth and hide it on your altar until it is needed.

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