Not Derped Yet – DoMagick 2018 & Life in General

Well, carp. It’s been that long, huh?

The truth is that life’s been busy, and updating the blog was something that I kept putting off. I finally found a weekend to spruce up the place a bit – with any luck, I’ll be able to post more often soon. So what’s coming up, you ask?

First things first: while late, I do plan to join the Do Magick challenge by Andrieh Vitimus for May-June. The focus for this cycle is good old-fashioned enchantment, and my game plan is to do a variation of the Favor of Kings working by Skyrallos (who I terribly miss) based on Gordon White’s work in his book The Chaos Protocols, coupled with some work on my Agathos Daimon.

I know, I know – it sounds terribly involved and whatnot, but it’s worth a try, yea?

Second, I’ve just done an episode with Undersecretary Egco and the team at PNA’s Pros and Cons show, which will be the subject of a separate blogpost. Thanks to sir Abs Abando of The Manila Sentinel for the invite!

Third, I’ll be attending APCC 2018 (yaaaaaaaaaaaas), so I hope to have a lot more material for people there as well. Perhaps more bad advise for people? Who knows!

That’s all for the moment, folks! Thanks for sticking around, and talk to you soon.

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