Comic Con Asia 2018 – A First Look

It’s new! It’s controversial! If you’re reading this, then you already know (or at least have heard about) the news surrounding Comic Con Asia this 2018. Touted as the freshest pop-culture convention that will hit Manila on March 24 – 25, Comic Con Asia certainly has some big boots to fill.

Should you be hyped for it? Read on!

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John Eats @ Instalado

In the movie Instalado (IMDB link), one is treated to a vision of a futuristic city on the horizon. Their holographic billboards float in the sky as the sun mercilessly beats down on a wide expanse of rain-parched farmland. It’s the perfect symbol of the film’s theme: the future is just around the corner, yet seemingly out of reach. The tale of Icarus comes to mind, and his daring journey to freedom on wings of wax. Does it fly?

This review has spoilers.

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Stage Methodology – Being A Gray Man

“Remember that body, Egwene. Remember that he tried to kill you. Kill us. Remember the Black Ajah. Remember them all the time. Because if you forget, just once, the next time, it may be you lying dead.”
— Nynaeve al’Meara, The Wheel of Time

Invisible, yet in plain sight. The idea of a person being a gray man is an attractive one. The words conjure up the image of a rugged, well-trained individual who is equipped to deal with any challenge life can bring before fading into the crowds. But how is it done? And what should you avoid?

Derived from both theory and practice, the process that I will cover in this – and in subsequent blog posts – should give you an idea of what to expect and what to prepare for. Yet this is just the first step of your journey. Feel free to add to what you read here with your own experiences and learnings. After all, we’re all students in this wide, wide world.

Let’s get started.

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John Eats @ Starbucks Banana Cream Pie Frappucino

It’s about gosh-darned time! When we last checked out Starbucks’s newest drinks, the Banana Cream Pie Frappe was left on our list. Today is the day that I sampled this drink. Is it any good, or will I be split asunder by it’s strange taste?

Let’s find out.

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Event Review: 2nd Pinoy Prepper Bazaar

The 2nd Pinoy Prepper Bazaar was an amazing mini-convention devoted to the various aspects of a singular belief: being prepared, no matter what. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Miko Tetangco and Abs Abando of Manila Sentinel, the Philippines can now learn more about prepping and survival from authentic sources and individuals, regardless of age, income or social background. Plus, they can have fun while doing it!

Here’s a look at what happened last Saturday.

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On Sex, Online Harassment, & Personal Privilege

A friend shared a story of sexual harassment with me today. A hapless girl’s pictures and contact information was shared within a group encouraging sexually inappropriate behavior and remarks. It didn’t matter that she was fully clothed, or that she was a human being deserving of respect. People in the group (and like-minded individuals) wasted no time in objectifying her, harassing her over private messages and the like.
Why is this so?

Midnight North – Chapter 0


Let me tell you about Midnight North.

It was a utopia. Bounded by massive walls along the mountains of its southern border, the city’s black walls sucked every ounce of light that it could greedily grab. A massive road called the Superconduit connected it to the outside world by maglev train, hovertruck and other means of transportation. A silver spire in the center of the city stood, defiant and unmarked by the elements. Within its walls, no one hungered or got sick. No one was unhappy or unsatisfied. Every need was met, and every life was given purpose by the mysterious overseer who ruled the city with an iron fist.

It was a utopia, indeed. But it was not a place for mortal man.

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John Eats @ Starbucks Irish Cream Coffee Frappucino

It’s finally here! After being introduced in Singapore last month (at least according to my colleague), Starbuck’s Irish Cream Coffee Frappucino has hit Manila’s shores! But does it hold up to it’s name, or will it be condemned to be one of those once-only drinks?

Let’s find out.

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John Eats @ Gyro V Megamall

Gyro V is a Greek-inspired food stall located at the ground floor of SM Megamall’s Building A. Serving beef and chicken gyros on either bread or rice, the place is an interesting (and somewhat authentic) pick for your meals.

I ordered the Gyro Chicken Rice (the iced tea, unfortunately, was from Project Pie, as I felt the drink add-on was too expensive for my taste). The meal cost Php 130, and extra cheese comes at Php 10 while an iced tea addon requires an additional Php 55.

So, how was it?

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