Event Review: 1st Tactical & Survival Expo (TACS)

I attended the recent Tactical and Survival Expo (aka TacS, old link) sponsored by the Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturer’s Association of the Philippines (woo, what a mouthful!) in Megamall last June 4. It was an interesting event, although it didn’t quite live up to what I had expected.

So what did you miss?

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We Do The Uber Math of Driver Ratings

Let’s do the Uber math for a second. Obviously, your driver rating influences many things: how well riders think of your service and how above (or below) the cut you are for the program. Anecdotally/speculatively, it may factor into several other items, such as pickup prioritization and incentives. So the big question is this: How many good ratings do you need?

And how many bad ones can you afford to take?
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Magic & SEO: The 40 Servants

I’ve mentioned before that Tommie Kelly’s 40 Servants are a viable way of aiding your SEO efforts. Today, I’ll go over three ways of utilizing their services in boosting your website’s position. These are not the only ways you can call on their aid: consider these as seeds for your own ideas. There are, after all, a million ways to make breakfast these days, so why limit yourself?

(Note: I assume that you are conversant with the 40 Servants system and are familiar with their abilities. If not, now is a good time to get started. Also, don’t pirate, folks. It’s not fair to Tommie, yeah?)

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Search Engine Optimization, Magick, & You

Ah, search engine optimization. The holy grail of all things online, a quick search on the subject would yield treasure trove of topics. What domains do you use? Should you get affiliate marketing? What content should you produce? How often should you post? Are you asking too many questions of yourself?

Before we dive into the rabbit hole, let’s review some things.

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Diving into Writing: Characters

I’m writing a bit for work, and writing a bit for myself. This is about the latter.

When you write a story, you have to handle characters. And while making them outrageously over-the-top is always an option (see vangels), sometimes you have to ground them in a little reality.  Or a lot, depending on how you take things.

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Stardanser – Introductions


He looked up from his work. “Hey.”

She sat next to him, the wooden bench warm in the summer afternoon. “Paper cranes, huh?”

“Yeah, well.” He smiled, more to himself than anything else. “You know the story of how the Japanese would make a thousand of these…”

“To make a wish come true, yeah.” She smiled at him. “That’s pretty cool. Anyone in particular?”

He stayed quiet after that.

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Art – Drought, Frustrations, and Admiration

I attended a Salvador Dali art show the other day.  I had a lot of thoughts about it.

The art itself was wonderful, if someone sparse.  Admittedly, the exhibit was curated carefully (and the pieces on display were reproductions), but you could see Dali’s skill and frenetic energy in every piece.  Controlled chaos ruled each canvas, with solid colors intermingling with fantastic creatures and alien landscapes on every page.

Yet my biggest issue was a simple one: no one seemed to care about it.

It made me wonder about the future of our society, driven as we are around mass-produced content that’s bombarded to us 24/7.  Are we capable of creating whimsical, magical things?  Or are we condemned to watch the elites snap up yesteryears phantasmagoria while we pretend that everything’s okay?

What is the art of our day and age?

Michael – Saint, Archangel, and Fiery Friend

It’s midway through the first month of 2017, and I’d like to introduce you to St. Michael the Archangel.  If you’re starting out as a magician, he’s one of the best possible allies that you can get in aiding your work.  No, really, he is.

So let’s get started on burning things up, shall we?

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Saving Sally: A Walk Down Memory’s Aisles

This isn’t a review of the movie “Saving Sally” in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Fest. There are a lot of those already online, most of them praising the movie’s cheeriness and animation. And to be honest, it is a movie worth watching.

But it’s also a movie that reminds us that it’s the little lies we tell ourselves that end up burying us, even if we use them to make our world a saner place.  Spoilers ahead.

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