Pinoy Prepper Bazaar 2018 – Back with Adventure!

Pinoy Prepper Bazaar is back this 2018 – bigger and more exciting than ever! With big names and exciting talks, prepping and surviving in today’s tension-filled day and age has just become that more accessible and beginner-friendly! So jump on in and see what awaits you!

This year’s Pinoy Prepper Bazaar event – the Outdoor Adventure and Survival Expo – aims to educate and inform the public about preparing for disasters both natural and man-made in a fun, easily accessible setting. It’s also a social venue for preppers, survivalists, and those with similar interests can discuss these topics without any pretense. Everyone is welcome (especially those looking into preparing their families, their homes or themselves after the recent typhoons)!

Of course, no event like this is complete without a plethora of exhibitors, and Pinoy Prepper Bazaar doesn’t disappoint! The most notable names in the scene will be present, starting with their co-presentors Pathfinder Gear and Tier 3 UFI, as well as Waters Philippines, Blue, and major sponsor Forged Philippines! Check out what they carry!

Forged Philippines

Pathfinder Gear

Tier 3 UFS

Pandoy Pulido

Survivor Outdoor Shop

Waterproof Wednesday. Orange Rainfall Ready20liter Overboard Pro-light Backpack. Mountain Hardware Gortex Jacket.Leatherman Surge.Acebeam L16ZT0620

Posted by Survivors Outdoor Shop – SOS on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Light On/WISAR

Posted by Wilderness Search And Rescue Philippines on Sunday, August 19, 2018

and much, much more!

But if listening to talks, trying activities out, and joining raffles are your thing, then get hyped! Pinoy Prepper Bazaar has several things to do on-site: the first Philippine Cutting Competition (rules are over here!), a slingshot display for slinger aficionados, as well as a variety of talks: rucking in the city, hardening your home against outside threats, and more. The knife-sharpening service also makes a return to Pinoy Prepper Bazaar courtesy of Forged Philippines and Wacky!

With all of these going on at Pinoy Prepper Bazaar, you’re sure to find something useful for you to enjoy. So swing on over on Oct. 13 at the Pop-Up Katipunan, kicking off at 9:00 AM with parking spots aplenty. See you there!

Disclosure: I am a media partner for Pinoy Prepper Bazaar and am helping out in promoting this event.


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