Event Review: 1st Tactical & Survival Expo (TACS)

I attended the recent Tactical and Survival Expo (aka TacS, old link) sponsored by the Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturer’s Association of the Philippines (woo, what a mouthful!) in Megamall last June 4. It was an interesting event, although it didn’t quite live up to what I had expected.

So what did you miss?

I’ll be honest: the convention felt like a looser, more open version of the twice-yearly Defense and Sporting Arms show. A greater variety of guns were on display, with less pistols and shotguns to make room for assault rifles and blades of several shapes and sizes. Of particular interest were the various rifles and both local and imported utility/combat knives.

One of the many assault rifle variants presented by UDMC Inc.
Knives with texturized handles by BUL Ltd.
More beautiful knives, this time by CBX/Dereks Classical Blade Exchange (they do whetstones too!)
Hand-forged knives by Haribon Dynamics – see that beautiful straight-edge tanto on the upper left? That three-inch blade will only set you back by Php 4,500. Proudly made in Bulacan, too!
Norinco AK-variants by Federal Gun Exchange. A curious choice, but perhaps a savvy one considering our president’s pro-China stance?

You can find the complete album here.

Tactics were well-covered, but how about survival? That, unfortunately, was a mixed bag. While some survival-oriented products were on display (knives, armored vests, and a lone vendor of prepacked medical go-bags), they were mostly mixed with larger displays. It’s not surprising – the local audience is not prepper-oriented unlike our colleagues from the US, preferring the obvious majesty and flair of big guns and weapons.

I would have loved to see more exhibitors focused on readiness, especially from a civilian angle. An emphasis on non-lethal defense (especially given the strict weapon laws in this country), urban escape and resistance, responsible drone usage, and food/water preparation are all topics that I’d line up to see.

All in all, it was an interesting affair, and I hope to see more variety in next year’s TACS Expo!

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  1. Awesome article John. I remember, i think i have sen you guys there hovering and taking pics on the CBX Booth(yes, i was there helping my good friend Derek who happens to be the owner of CBX).

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