Sin-e Waves

A sine wave or sinusoid is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation. – Wikipedia

It’s been an odd day. I just got back to work from a two-week vacation, swam through my inbox, and cleared the usual digital debris at work. Some tasks got updated, others discarded – life went on.

Life has been okay to me recently. But there are personal projects that I never got around to working on (such at the Grimoire of Dead Kings) and trips I never did get to do. I just didn’t feel like doing them. Some will say that it’s laziness, others lack of focus, and perhaps they have a point.

I remember being excited after watching a clip of someone getting shot at on local drama. It’s something that made me wonder about myself, although I should probably put it down as misplaced adrenaline more than anything else.

Ultimately, while the circumstances of your life may seem to be circular, the choice of breaking the repetition is always up to you.

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