Stardanser – Introductions


He looked up from his work. “Hey.”

She sat next to him, the wooden bench warm in the summer afternoon. “Paper cranes, huh?”

“Yeah, well.” He smiled, more to himself than anything else. “You know the story of how the Japanese would make a thousand of these…”

“To make a wish come true, yeah.” She smiled at him. “That’s pretty cool. Anyone in particular?”

He stayed quiet after that.

This is an attempt to write a story based on prompts provided by this website.  An origami-obssessed protagonist finds an awesome but strange 80s video game (inspired by the Last Starfighter, John Carter, and other sci-fi flicks of a similar nature) that leads him to a group of crop circle hobbyists who are trying to contact aliens Рbut end up talking to the wrong ones.

I’ll see where this one leads me.

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