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Stormweaving In Turbulent Times

Stormweaving – the art of creating the circumstances for a perfectly logical storm to arise no matter what the odds are.

In October, I was warned that December this year was going to be quite turbulent. At the time, it seemed that bunkering down was the better option. But based on recent events, it now seems that it’s the only way left to salvage any .

It seems like a crazy idea.  It is.  And if you know me, it’s the kind of idea that I would espouse at wit’s end.

But here we are.

The best place to start, I believe, is to find a dragon and say hi. Gordon has a great resource for doing this sort of thing, and you can look for the nearest hills with a little help from Google. Translating the hymn to your local dialect is recommended, but not necessary.

When you are ready, begin the stormweaving by calling on one of the oldest powers of the world: Set-Typhon.

I invoke thee, who art in the void air, terrible, invisible, and almighty! God of Gods, dealing destruction and maker of desolation! He that hatest the household well established, from which thou were cast, Egypt, to which you were entitled! “He that destroyeth all and is yet unconquered” is thy name! I invoke thee, Set-Typhon, by thy words of power which thou canst not refuse to hear!

You are the great god who carries away the soul, who eats hearts and who feeds upon offal. The guardian who is in the darkness, the guardian of the Seker boat.

Who art thou then? You are Seth; you are the soul of Geb.

Come to me and approach! Hear my words! Strike down evil in all its forms with frost and lightning and fire, and bind him that it shall wrong me no more! Strike it down in thy might and strength! Bring to it ruin and shame! Tear from him his limbs! Deliver unto me the head of my enemy and to the Great Set-Typhon shall I sacrifice! Thy praises shall I sing!


May your efforts strike true.

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