Reality’s Fisting: Lotteries & Financial Literacy

No, this isn’t about saving 20% of your paycheck instead of betting on the lotto. If you’re anything like me, you’ve read one too many already. Some of them don’t even bother to hide the finger-waggling, with the sins of gambling laid as the thinnest possible veneer over financial advice that could be found elsewhere on the web. The degree of dissociative arrogance is astounding.

But I’m not surprised.

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Not Derped Yet – DoMagick 2018 & Life in General

Well, carp. It’s been that long, huh?

The truth is that life’s been busy, and updating the blog was something that I kept putting off. I finally found a weekend to spruce up the place a bit – with any luck, I’ll be able to post more often soon. So what’s coming up, you ask?

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How To Enjoy TACS 2018 – A Guide!

The Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo 2018 is here, and boy is it a doozy! Seminars, meetups, and merchandise galore for the discriminating consumer await! So how do you make the most of it? Read on!

Note: All information in this post pertains to the Manila portion of this event and will be updated as need be.

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Comic Con Asia 2018 – A First Look

It’s new! It’s controversial! If you’re reading this, then you already know (or at least have heard about) the news surrounding Comic Con Asia this 2018. Touted as the freshest pop-culture convention that will hit Manila on March 24 – 25, Comic Con Asia certainly has some big boots to fill.

Should you be hyped for it? Read on!

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John Eats @ Instalado

In the movie Instalado (IMDB link), one is treated to a vision of a futuristic city on the horizon. Their holographic billboards float in the sky as the sun mercilessly beats down on a wide expanse of rain-parched farmland. It’s the perfect symbol of the film’s theme: the future is just around the corner, yet seemingly out of reach. The tale of Icarus comes to mind, and his daring journey to freedom on wings of wax. Does it fly?

This review has spoilers.

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On Sex, Online Harassment, & Personal Privilege

A friend shared a story of sexual harassment with me today. A hapless girl’s pictures and contact information was shared within a group encouraging sexually inappropriate behavior and remarks. It didn’t matter that she was fully clothed, or that she was a human being deserving of respect. People in the group (and like-minded individuals) wasted no time in objectifying her, harassing her over private messages and the like.
Why is this so?

Food Parks & Food Places: Where To?

Food parks! The convenient solution to that craving for a quick bite when you’re tired of the regular fare! The place to see new dishes you haven’t heard of without breaking the bank! And the spot to hang out with friends after a long day at work!

But where are these places anyway? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Check out my list of food parks around Metro Manila! And if you have a favorite (or want to tell me about one you discovered), drop me a line!

Event Review: 1st Tactical & Survival Expo (TACS)

I attended the recent Tactical and Survival Expo (aka TacS, old link) sponsored by the Firearms and Ammunition Manufacturer’s Association of the Philippines (woo, what a mouthful!) in Megamall last June 4. It was an interesting event, although it didn’t quite live up to what I had expected.

So what did you miss?

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We Do The Uber Math of Driver Ratings

Let’s do the Uber math for a second. Obviously, your driver rating influences many things: how well riders think of your service and how above (or below) the cut you are for the program. Anecdotally/speculatively, it may factor into several other items, such as pickup prioritization and incentives. So the big question is this: How many good ratings do you need?

And how many bad ones can you afford to take?
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