Pinoy Prepper Bazaar 2018 – Back with Adventure!

Pinoy Prepper Bazaar is back this 2018 – bigger and more exciting than ever! With big names and exciting talks, prepping and surviving in today’s tension-filled day and age has just become that more accessible and beginner-friendly! So jump on in and see what awaits you!

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How To Enjoy TACS 2018 – A Guide!

The Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo 2018 is here, and boy is it a doozy! Seminars, meetups, and merchandise galore for the discriminating consumer await! So how do you make the most of it? Read on!

Note: All information in this post pertains to the Manila portion of this event and will be updated as need be.

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Stage Methodology – Being A Gray Man

“Remember that body, Egwene. Remember that he tried to kill you. Kill us. Remember the Black Ajah. Remember them all the time. Because if you forget, just once, the next time, it may be you lying dead.”
— Nynaeve al’Meara, The Wheel of Time

Invisible, yet in plain sight. The idea of a person being a gray man is an attractive one. The words conjure up the image of a rugged, well-trained individual who is equipped to deal with any challenge life can bring before fading into the crowds. But how is it done? And what should you avoid?

Derived from both theory and practice, the process that I will cover in this – and in subsequent blog posts – should give you an idea of what to expect and what to prepare for. Yet this is just the first step of your journey. Feel free to add to what you read here with your own experiences and learnings. After all, we’re all students in this wide, wide world.

Let’s get started.

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Event Review: 2nd Pinoy Prepper Bazaar

The 2nd Pinoy Prepper Bazaar was an amazing mini-convention devoted to the various aspects of a singular belief: being prepared, no matter what. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Miko Tetangco and Abs Abando of Manila Sentinel, the Philippines can now learn more about prepping and survival from authentic sources and individuals, regardless of age, income or social background. Plus, they can have fun while doing it!

Here’s a look at what happened last Saturday.

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