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Driving Into A Decent Uber Rating (Drivers, Note)

You want a high Uber rating as an driver? Great! So does everyone. But people have always wondered what goes behind that 5.0, and it can be summed up in two words: be professional. But how?

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Magic & SEO: The 40 Servants

I’ve mentioned before that Tommie Kelly’s 40 Servants are a viable way of aiding your SEO efforts. Today, I’ll go over three ways of utilizing their services in boosting your website’s position. These are not the only ways you can … Continue reading

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Saving Sally: A Walk Down Memory’s Aisles

This isn’t a review of the movie “Saving Sally” in the 2016 Metro Manila Film Fest. There are a lot of those already online, most of them praising the movie’s cheeriness and animation. And to be honest, it is a … Continue reading

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Uson & The Failure To Influence

Whenever the subject of Ms. Uson’s latest diatribes pops up on my feed, the reactions always stay the same. You either like her or hate her. Most hate her. But that isn’t the point of this article. Because whenever the … Continue reading

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