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Magical 30 – Progress & Insights

It’s been approximately 11 days since I started my work with the Agathos Daimon, and so far, it’s been turning out quite well. So I’ll talk about my personal reflections on it so far, with the results in a forthcoming … Continue reading

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Fiction Writing: Instaladong Kopya

In case it’s not immediately evident, this screenplay (of sorts) was inspired by Jason Laxamana’s sci-fi thriller Instalado. It’s my own take on the world he built – a brief snapshot of a what if. Here we go.

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Uncertainty: Love It or Hate It, You Need It

When you listen to Gordon White’s latest talk with Austin Coppock about what we can expect in 2017, one thing becomes very clear: a butt-load of uncertainty is filling the air. Plus a lot of fire. And a couple of eclipses, … Continue reading

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Wealth & Its Various (Subjective) Forms

A lot of people think that money (loads of it, natch) translates directly into wealth. The more of it you have, the more things in life you can enjoy: vacation breaks, exotic foods, snappy gadgets – the list goes on … Continue reading

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