Reality’s Fisting: Lotteries & Financial Literacy

No, this isn’t about saving 20% of your paycheck instead of betting on the lotto. If you’re anything like me, you’ve read one too many already. Some of them don’t even bother to hide the finger-waggling, with the sins of gambling laid as the thinnest possible veneer over financial advice that could be found elsewhere on the web. The degree of dissociative arrogance is astounding.

But I’m not surprised.

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Kontrabida Ball 2018 – Now With More Spooky!

What happens when the night grows darker? Who will you turn to when the witches, ghouls, and nightmares from your darkest fears emerge? And will you survive the night – or are you the night?

Welcome back to Kontrabida Ball, darlings. We missed you.

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Ghost Gun in the 3D Printing Machine

ghost gun, meet bullets

One of the hottest topics lately is the issue of the ghost gun. These are generic firearms that have been created using a 3D printer, thus allowing them to bypass identifiers (such as serial numbers) that would normally be present in regular weapons – and legally imposed controls. In theory, such an item allows someone the use of a firearm without things such as waiting periods, permits, and similar laws – all in a matter of hours, not days. The idea that life and death could be easily dispensed of to any and all takers has gotten many individuals weighing in on the matter.

But why would people need such a thing?

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Of Bitching and Sheep

A lot of people – especially the authority types – like to say that complaining is unproductive. They’d like you to be grateful for the things you have in your life, and will (almost too helpfully) point out any scrap of data that can support their claims. You can eat, so don’t complain! You have a roof over your head, so don’t complain! You’re still alive, so don’t complain! Be grateful, and not a single word otherwise!

Which we’d do – if life wasn’t crappy. But it is. And contrary to popular belief, we’re not running in the pain olympics.

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Not Derped Yet – DoMagick 2018 & Life in General

Well, carp. It’s been that long, huh?

The truth is that life’s been busy, and updating the blog was something that I kept putting off. I finally found a weekend to spruce up the place a bit – with any luck, I’ll be able to post more often soon. So what’s coming up, you ask?

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Politics vs Fandoms: Comic Con Asia’s Troubled Backdrop

As you may have heard, Comic Con Asia 2018 is already promoting a formidable lineup of celebrities from comics, cosplay, and more. But the event’s troubling link to its partner – and several other issues – continue to affect its perception in the public eye.

So what’s the deal?

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John Eats @ Underhand (Android/iOS)

(John Eats is a review series of everything you can consume – food, videos, games, and practically everything else. Whether its bad for your waistline or satisfying for your soul, I’ll always have a review – and an opinion – about it. Enjoy!)

Lovecraftian horror meets strategic deckbuilding in this easy-to-learn mobile game from the young men and women at the Cornell University Game Design Initiative! Will you be succeed in your efforts to raise a dead god (and hopefully survive the process)? Or will you – gasp – fail?

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