We Do The Uber Math of Driver Ratings

Let’s do the Uber math for a second. Obviously, your driver rating influences many things: how well riders think of your service and how above (or below) the cut you are for the program. Anecdotally/speculatively, it may factor into several other items, such as pickup prioritization and incentives. So the big question is this: How many good ratings do you need?

And how many bad ones can you afford to take?

For the purposes of today’s article, I’ve used straightforward averaging over a period of 50 trips. This is the most common number of weekly trips for incentives, so it should be pretty set in stone. We’re also assuming that the target rating a driver should aim for is 4.7 stars (or better), which is generally acknowledged as Uber’s cutoff score. Over fifty trips, you’ll need to get at least 235 stars in total to hit our target rating.

So how does it shake out? Take a look for yourself.

5* Rating 4* Rating 3* Rating 2* Rating 1* Rating Total Stars Under/Over Target Overall Rating
45 3 2 0 0 243 8 4.86
45 4 0 0 1 242 7 4.84
45 3 0 0 2 239 4 4.78
40 9 0 0 1 237 2 4.74
40 5 5 0 0 235 0 4.7
30 19 0 0 1 227 -8 4.54
40 0 0 0 10 210 -25 4.2
25 10 10 5 0 205 -30 4.1

As you can see, there are some obvious rules to live by:

1) Have as many 5* ratings and as few 1* ratings as humanly possible. As you can see with our example highlighted in green, having one or two 1* ratings is already a significant drag on your overall score. To put it in a clearer perspective, you’ll need at least four 5* trips just to (barely) recover from one 1*.

2) Exert effort to avoid too many 3*/2* trips. While not as bad as 1*s, they can still make it harder to pull your score up, especially over extended periods of time. As the example in red will show, too many of these trips add up over time.

Your ideal ratio of trips vs ratings is around 90% 5*/9% 4*/1% 1* over 50 trips, which should net you an average of 4.78 or so. To get an idea of your current ratio, you can check your total number of ratings in the driver app.

How does your Uber math look? Remember, you can check my earlier article for tips on how to push your per-trip score higher!

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