Uson & The Failure To Influence

Whenever the subject of Ms. Uson’s latest diatribes pops up on my feed, the reactions always stay the same. You either like her or hate her. Most hate her. But that isn’t the point of this article.

Because whenever the topic comes around, I always ask the same question: who is her counterpart? Her rival?

There isn’t one.

Or rather, while there are people who have put their names in the ring (so to speak) such as Ms. Raissa Robles and Mr. Carlos Celdran, none of them generate the same visceral reaction as Ms. Uson does. They try, but it’s not quite there.

And with good reason: Ms. Uson manages to present herself at the ground-level of online society as a relatable, human personality with a subjectively genuine (if somewhat flawed) cause to support.  Facebook is her platform of choice, and she proudly says on it that she’s not a journalist, but a concerned citizen that happened to speak up.  And in these days of ad-filled hyperbole-driven media, a voice that sounds shorn of pretense seems to ring true to the ordinary citizen, especially to those who feel disenfranchised by the machinations of politics and culture in general.

Of course, some people will point out that her youth and attractiveness, coupled with her charisma and frankness, are the key drivers to her fame.  It’s helped a lot – her no-holds barred approach to sexuality has certainly earned her fans.  Yet others have hammered on that particular aspect of her personality to bolster their own claims.  She’s an exotic dancer, so her opinion isn’t credible!  She dares monetize sexuality, so her fame must be ill-gotten and certainly undeserved!  Her cause isn’t the one we believe is right, so she must be an idiot!

To her credit, she has managed to take on her critics and utilize their words to her advantage.  With unabashed aplomb, she has taken the criticism and used it to stoke the discussions even higher – and as a result, Ms. Uson has garnered quite the bit of popularity.  Yet no one has tried to set themselves up as a counter to her influence, relying instead on attacking the logical foundations of her arguments while appealing to common sense.  Whether there is any visible effect is, perhaps, best left to the viewer.

One thing is for sure: barring any changes to her circumstances, Ms. Uson will remain a volatile voice in the days to come.  Whether someone will finally stand up and quench that volatility with some sanity of their own remains an unanswered question.

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